Fwd: How much can a blogger make per month?

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Fwd: the raw (and uncomfortable) truth about Instagram

RE:Your chance to join InstaGrowth Boss (or the 2 other deals we have running on this page) all expire when this timer hits zero on 11/30 at 11:59pm PST.

Friend, real quick – Elise Darma made you a video:

Click HERE to watch.

This ☝️ is more or less the reason why she's allows us to the sharing of this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday offer with you. give you a way to FINALLY turn Instagram into a real revenue stream in your bog + business. 💸

To eliminate the guesswork.


Whether you call yourself a:

  • Coach
  • Freelancer
  • Service provider
  • Course creator
  • VA Etc

Don't waste any more time analyzing your next post, playing the comparison game instead of showing up for your people, or ignoring fb/ Instagram altogether because it just feels too damn complicated and overwhelming!

The time is NOW to capitalize on the world's #1 most popular social media app. bar none... 

The good news? The app comes FREE at $0.

Sprinkle in WiFi and the InstaGrowth Boss course, and you're set up for success! ✨

In my 4-hour crash course, you'll get alllll the answers you've been looking for on how to attract the right followers, and then turn them into real sales to your biz.

Here's what you'll do next to sign up:

  1. Head to the Black Friday sales page HERE
  2. Click the button to become an InstaGrowth Boss HERE
  3. Hit the "Buy Now at $xxx" button (the price goes up 📈 each time a new student enrolls)
  4. Fill in your name, address, CC number and information...

And that's it.

You'll get instant, 24/7 (and forever!) access to InstaGrowth Boss, including any future updates made in 2020 and beyond.

So, are you in?!


João & JoAn

P.S. Your chance to join InstaGrowth Boss (or the 2 other deals I have running on this page) all expire when this timer hits zero on 11/30 at 11:59pm PST.

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From: Hey, it's Elise! <>
Date: Fri, Nov 29, 2019, 3:55 PM
Subject: the raw (and uncomfortable) truth about Instagram
To: João <>

--Elise Darma

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I'll be honest.

There's something that has me more hyped than three(3) helpings of pumpkin pie.

...If you're a coach, you're likely spending your days on discovery calls, but hanging up with no new client. ❌

...If you're a freelancer or agency, you're wondering where your next client is gonna come from. 🕵️‍♀️

...if you're a course creator, your digital baby is (for the most part) sitting on the digital shelf, collecting dust. 📼

Lately, you've been burnt out and wishing for PREDICTABILITY.

Instead, it's feeling more like:

  • Cold sweats in the middle of the night, wondering if you'll bring in enough cash this month to pay for the bills
  • Anxiety over whether Crabby Client #39 is going to like the latest deliverable or not
  • Romanticizing the day job... "It wasn't *that* bad"... (I HAVE BEEN HERE)

That's why I felt called to take action.

Because the good news?

Even if predictable revenue feels impossible right now, there's actually a simple formula – that won't be a huge time-suck, require cold-calling, or even having a website up.

Seize this opportunity now by jumping into my "bump sale" Black Friday promo (maybe for last time ever?!) →

InstaGrowth Boss at 50% OFF – saving you up to...   $500!

Remember: this is a BUMP sale! 📈

So for every new student who enrolls, the price goes UP by $3.

Hint: the sooner you sign up, the lower your price will be.


Look, I know today is all about *deals, deals, deals* from the big brands.

The way I see it: if you're going to be spending money on appliances and gifts for others... why not allocate some of that into investments in yourself?

I'm not just blowing smoke, either.

I ask my InstaGrowth Boss students to TRACK their revenue they've earned just from Instagram alone – and already, we're up to $949,223.95 USD +...( we'll double it by next year this timeframe ).

With my signature program InstaGrowth Boss, you're going to get:

  • Three (3) Pillars of core training, covering Foundations, Growth +*  & Monetization (( *Expansion & Scale -up ))... 
  • 17 bonus and advanced trainings you can pick and choose from... 
  • Access to the same templates, checklists, and tools I give to my clients over at my agency (who pay $1,500/ month + )... 
  • LIVE, monthly hot seats... where I personally audit/review your account and give feedback... 
  • Every. Single. Question. Concern. Addressed/Answered. Yep, that's our guarantee. My team and I are in the private VIP group every single day... 

Here's just a handful of some of my student results:

BREAKING 6 onward to 7 FIGURES:

BANKING $7,500:

ADDING $10,000:


At the end of InstaGrowth Boss, you'll be able to check off:

✔️ A profile that attracts the RIGHT type of follower to your DMs...

✔️ More of your offers SOLD directly through the 'gram... 

✔️ A renewed sense of using social media strategically for your business... 

Head into December and next year with confidence that you'll use fb/ Instagram as the marketing and sales tool that it's been designed to be! 👏

This InstaGrowth Boss methodology is distilled into a 4-hour crash course (yup... just 4 hours... call that 2 nights of Netflix binging) via video trainings and workbooks.

It includes…

  • Three (3)  Pillars of core training, covering Foundations, Growth* + and Monetization (( *Expansion & Scale -up ))... 
  • 17 bonus and advanced trainings you can pick and choose from
  • Access to the same templates, checklists, and tools I give to my clients over at my agency (who pay $1,500/month +)... 
  • LIVE, monthly hot seats... where I personally audit/ review your IG account and give feedback
  • Every. Single. Question. Concern.  Addressed/ Answered. Yep, that's our guarantee. My team and I are in the private VIP group every single day.

For my action-takers who want to finally turn Instagram into their next revenue stream in their business (#hello7) →

Swoop in on this like dear sis running for the last scoop of stuffing.

(Except go a wee faster than Prancercise Queen)

In this 4-hour crash course covering Instagram marketing to sell more of your offers, you'll get the exact methodologies I've refined since 2013... the same ones I use for my clients over at my agency (who pay upwards of $1,500/month + for my services).

You'll know how to:

  • Get perfect leads sending you Direct Messages, ready to sign up
  • Drive sales to your programs, services and offers
  • Shift from focusing on vanity numbers to knowing which ones actually move the dial in your biz

Remember -

Once you've mastered Instagram for your business, you'll be pretty darn proud of yourself that you invested in your biz... at a very low price that has NEVER happened and will probably NEVER happen again.

InstaGrowth Boss is regularly $997.

But today? You're saving up to $500!

Remember: this is a BUMP sale! 📈

So for every new student who enrolls, the price goes UP by $3.

It's prudent that you don't wait any longer. 😬


No matter what the price is at when you click that button, this cart closes 11/30 at 11:59pm PST.

Then all 3 deals go *POOF* bye-bye.

Now is your time,

 João & JoAn

P.S. Think all you're getting with InstaGrowth Boss is just a 4-hour course?

Oh, no. Far from it.

When you say YES, you're also getting $7,000 worth of bonuses. Feast your eyes on this:

  • 437 Copy-and-Paste Instagram Hashtags ($1,000 value). Save HOURS of hashtag research time with this 15-page resource... so that even if you aren't "tech-y" or hate spending time finding hashtags... you won't have to!
  • 3 One-Click Landing Page Templates With Copy Prompts ($1,000 value). Build out landing pages and sales pages within just a few hours – not weeks – by following copy prompts and proven designs... to increase your conversions.
  • A Quick-Start Guide to Running Instagram Ads ($1,000 value). I have personally invested well over $100,000 into paid ads and this training is a culmination of my 2+ years' experience.
  • Case Study: From 9-5 Employee to $100,000 Instagram Empire ($500 value). If you offer any type of services to clients, this case study was made just for you. Learn how my student Cara Gray quit her job of 20 years, started an agency, and hit $100,000 in 10 months. CHA-CHING.
  • Watch Me Build A Client's Account Strategy ($500). Go behind the scenes of my agency Canupy, and watch me build out the Instagram strategy for a brand new client account. This is perfect for up-and-coming Instagram marketers!
  • How To Sell In Direct Messages ($1,000 value). Learn the sales methodologies that's helped Becky Keen book in over $40K to her business from Instagram's DMs.
  • Funnel Marketing For Your Biz ($1,000 value). Funnels are how you automate your biz to run 24/7. Discover the types of funnels you can build in your business to suit your model or products and learn how to choose the best funnel that's right for you today.
  • 365-Day Membership to the VIP Group ($1,000). As a member of the VIP group, you get access to having your own Instagram account reviewed live by me – Elise, 30-day engagement challenges every quarter, 24/7 access to the private community, answers to ALL your questions, and support as you grow your Instagram account for your business.

P.P.S. Once you enroll, you get immediate, 24/7 (and forever!) access.

Plus, templates, downloads, and swipe files to save you DAYS of work.

And LIVE monthly coaching calls where your account is personally reviewed by moi.

I could go on, but all the details you need are right HERE.

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From: Elise Darma <>
Date: Fri, Nov 29, 2019, 9:08 AM
To: João <>

--Elise D. 


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Fwd: [ Diamond Rotator Members ONLY ] -Silver/Platinum Save $$ - Plus 18 Lifetime Upgrades...


Like anything that you want to accomplish in business and life, there are a set of skills, tools, and information that you need, to be able to be successful. That's exactly what I wish to deliver...

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George Kosch CEO, Worldrofit Inc. HQ Edmonton, AB. Canada.


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Fwd: count, 'em 18 Streams Of Income With A Few Clicks


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 -Ronald Lentz 
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ADV 11-29-2019
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%Maryanne Myers [ PHP Programmer - Internet Marketer - Web Designer - Advertising Network Owner, Sec'y ]
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Fwd: Black Friday/Cyber Monday ...your special OFFER!

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NOV 29 - DEC 02



It is officially here!

The day is finally here. BLACK FRIDAY/ Cyber Monday Worldprofit , "Wealthy Affiliate Style" has arrived!

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Yes, you are getting full access to World profit Wealthy Affiliate Premium and all the awesome things that come within the Premium membership, but we have also invested a good deal of energy and time creating a SPECIAL subset of bonuses that are going to get you building for success in 2020. 

These are exclusive for those that take us up on the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday offer.  Here is what you will be getting if you take advantage of the amazing Black Friday/ Cyber Monday offer....

Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 - Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything)

I am going to be fielding questions, and providing answers on a topic that I don't usually explain in this much explicit detail, making money.  There are clues, there are signals, and there are things that I have learned in my past 17 years that indicate a "winner" from a "loser".  This goes from a campaign level, to niche, to whether or not someone has the attributes the need to succeed (hint, you all have it, but often times don't exploit it).

Success in 2020 is going to be a slightly different journey than we have ever seen and in this live class I am going to be revealing what you need to know, and what you need to proactively working on in the year ahead if you want to succeed for the LONG TERM.  

Plain and simple, I am going to be going into intimate details about affiliate marketing that I have never discussed, in particular in a LIVE format.  This info will be a game changer to anyone that attends I fully intend on my class going into overtime.  An hour is not going to be enough, and the live event will likely be longer and more comprehensive than anticipated.

Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.

A take off the ask me anything, I am constructing a WhitePaper outlining the strategies, processes, and the overall mindset that you are going to need to succeed in 2020. 

I can tell you, you are not far away from success.  If you have been struggling to get over the hurdle and generate your first income, or you have been struggling to move the sticks of your business and growth is flat, I KNOW the information in this whitepaper is going to get you over the hurdle.

Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)

We all want to be successful, however the number of people that actually achieve success online is limited for a few reasons.  Lack of current training, lack of proper planning, lack of tools, lack of support, and lack of motivation. 

We are going to be bridge every single one of these gaps with 5 weeks of step by step training, walking you through the EXACT sequence of events that needs to take place in your business to be establish a successful authority website online.

Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

We have significant plans for 2020, in fact it is slated already as our most exciting release schedule out of any year since 2005.  We have new technology coming, we have new platforms coming, and we have developed new ways to further integrate the very processes that are required to build a thriving business online.

If you take advantage of the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2019 offer, you are going to get exclusive "pre release" access to several of these platforms.  You are going to be granted exclusive access to never seen before, and really exciting new technology!


These bonuses in combination with the unbelievable amount of VALUE you are going to get within Worldprofit Wealthy Affiliate Premium in the year ahead, you are truly going to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.  You have all the services, training, tools, and expert help you need to succeed at WA.  The only missing piece is YOU and taking action on a plan.

2020 is YOUR year. Period. 

Compare this to any other education or any other product online and I think you will come back with the same answer.  There is NOTHING that compares to WA.

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Fwd: How my side hustle helped me quit my job


I've come a long way in the past few years.

Just this Monday my first article as a  contributor was published, but it wasn't that long ago that I was working as a high school band director and wanna be 'rockstar' on weekends.

I mean think about that...I basically went from a high school band director to working full-time online and owning multiple businesses. It's crazy!!!!

There's nothing special about me either. I've met so many incredible people in the past few years that have completely changed their lives because of 'a side hustle'.

And today I want to tell you about two things that helped me not only quit my job, but also replace my income and earn more than I ever could have imagined was possible for a teacher,  like me.

But before I get into that, let me back up a bit to give you a little more context here...

A few years ago, I was basically living in the movie Groundhog Day (the one with Bill Murray - have you seen it?).

I was fresh out of college with a shiny freshly minted degree, totally ready to take on the world by teaching... band... haha.

Anyway, I got caught in the cycle that a lot of people do:

I woke up every morning at 5:45 am to the annoying sound of my iPhone alarm,  or over before it rang.

I'd lay there for a second, think about all the crap I needed to do that day in my job that I didn't want to do, and start feeling some dread.

Then I'd shake it off, jump in the shower, microwave the same stupid Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich that I ate every day, and start the commute to work.

I'd slog through the day like a zombie, get lectured by my boss about something insignificant, and then watch the clock until I could finally leave. Oh acted as teacher and 'police officer'. 

Then I'd go home, drink a beer or two to relax  bout an hour to decompress and try to forget about how little I was paid for how hard I worked, how I was stuck in this dead end job, and everything else that I wasn't too happy with at that point in my life.

After I chilled out a little bit, I'd go to bed, wake up to the same annoying iPhone alarm, or before and do it all over again.

So one day... I decided that I just couldn't do it anymore. Enough was enough. Went to continuing ed and got a IT certificate.  Became a IT consultant and taught.  My IT job picked up the difference between my teacher's salary and engineering.  You know?

I had started the Millennial Money Man blog on the side at the time, and even though it wasn't making any money, I decided to walk in and tell my bosses I was quitting my job so I could follow my passions and write about personal finance.

Sounds badass, right?

Well it was! For a little bit at least...

But the reality is that my blog wasn't making much money at the time. I had bills to pay and a wife and daughter,  I didn't want to disappoint, and truth be told (I suffered a minor stroke,  BPM meds saved me), after I quit my job... I needed to make money FAST.

There were TWO things that I did that completely changed everything for me.

First, I started running IG/ Facebook ads for the local jewelers,  artists & pizzerias etc. The Jeweler had made my wife's engagement ring. Then after getting results for him I took on some more digital advertising clients, which went a long way to replacing my teaching/ engineering salary.

Managing IG/ Facebook ads for these local brick and mortar businesses allowed me to earn $1,000-$3,000 per month from each client! We teach you exactly how to do the same thing, in a step-by-step manner inside the IG/ Facebook Side Hustle Course. But we don't just teach you how to create profitable IG/ Facebook ads for clients, we also teach you a dozen different ways to find clients, give you sales scripts, and everything else you could need to start this side hustle and make money.

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The second thing that helped me replace my teaching income after I quit my job was using IG/ Facebook ads to grow my blog RAPIDLY.

Sure I wrote my articles to rank on Google, tried Pinterest, built a following on Twitter, etc.  and all the other strategies that were popular for growing your blog at the time, but the thing that really changed the game for me was using IG/ Facebook ads to drive incredibly affordable (and high quality!) traffic to my articles.

I'm talking pennies per click! And you can still do that today if you use the right strategies. Which is exactly what we teach inside of our IG/  Facebook Ads For Bloggers program.

Want to drive a ton of traffic to your articles on the cheap? Explode your email list so that you can promote affiliate offers and other products? Want to increase your sponsored post fees with one simple ad? Earn your ad spend back through display advertising and affiliate sales? Or even sell your courses with the same advanced retargeting strategies we use?

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As you can see, there's one big reason that I created these courses. It's because the things we teach inside had a profound impact on my life, and now I'm able to share these strategies with others and hopefully they can do the same for you.

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See you inside,


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