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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fwd: Do you have a family emergency binder?


I hope you are doing well.

In recent days, I have been asked many times about how a person can be more readily prepared in case of emergency. This is an older post, but still very timely.

In our household, I manage most of the bills, financial accounts, and more. I know I'm not alone either – in most families, one person usually handles all of these things.

I've been in charge of our important information for years, mainly because it's just something I know I can do and we've fallen into a routine now after doing this for so long.

We have since realized that this could turn into a financial disaster.

I manage everything just from my memory, so nothing is actually written down and most of our bills are either auto-pay or paperless, so there is no paper record in our home of anything either.

This could be a disaster because if something were to happen to that person, I honestly do not know what (the wife/ husband) would do. It would make everything much more difficult for him/ her when he/ she would already be having a hard time, and that is not something anyone wants to deal with.

Having some sort of financial emergency plan is something we need to create.

While to some this situation may be no big deal, I know there are many, many families who would be very lost if something were to happen to the bread winner or person who usually manages their financial situation. Accounts could get lost, numbers lost,  passwords would be unknown, and bills may be forgotten about, or go unpaid,  life insurance may be hard to find, and more.

It's best to keep a family emergency binder of everything just in case something were to happen, even if it's something no one ever wants to think about. Having one just makes life so much easier.

My top tip is to check out the In Case of Emergency Binder to help you with creating your own emergency binder. This is a 100+ page fillable PDF workbook. The In Case of Emergency Binder was created to remove significant complications from the process and help you actually get your important information ready. The research is done, the workbook is put into easy to follow sections, and everything you need is included.

And, through March 31st, 2020, it is 40% off in light of the current crisis. Please check it out here.

Please head to Answers to 7 Common Questions About Family Emergency Binders if you have more questions about why you NEED this.


-João & JoAn

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Fwd: Video from Mastermind at the Mansion!- I got the high score in this 80s game

RE: The Masterminds at the Mansion are a lot of fun


Love meeting new people and love hearing about people making money


Watch Mastermind video at the Mansion - this was a blast
If you say yes to any of the questions below, then I can help you...
  • Do you want to go on 10 vacations per year like me?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your kids?
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  • Do you want to work from home?
  • Do you want to work for yourself?
  • Are you sick of working 40-60+ hours per week?
  • Do you want the freedom to do what you want when you want?

To your success,


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Fwd: João App Based Platform Overview

Thanks for checking out our app that helps you earn income!
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We have limited seating and tickets available for our next free trip/ training event in Orlando Florida so don't wait.

Take advantage of this 'loophole' before it gets taken down...

A member of our team will call or text you shortly to help answer any questions, concerns, you may have or give you the 2nd opinion, you may need.

If you watch the overview and decide you are not interested, simply let our team know so they do not waste your time or theirs

Watch this FREE overview now by clicking the link above!


João António dePina- Silva  

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Fwd: Message from Daymond John - Shark Tank - Now is time to start a biz

Take it from Shark Tank's Daymond John. Now is a great time to start a home based, business. It's a lifesaver, trust me...
Click here to watch Daymond Johns video
If you say yes to any of the questions below, then I can help you...
  • Do you want to go on 10 vacations per year like me?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your kids?
  • Do you want to quit your job?
  • Do you want to work from home?
  • Do you want to work for yourself?
  • Are you sick of working 40-60+ hours per week?
  • Do you want the freedom to do what you want when you want, how you want?

To your abundant success,

João António de Pina- Silva  

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Fwd: How I became the millennial “side hustle” guy


I'd like to tell you a quick story about the moment everything changed in my online business life...

It was actually November of 2015.

I had been running M$$M for a few years at that point, and was really getting to know my readers and what they wanted from the site.

You know what came up over and over?

The people wanted 'Side Hustle' ideas.

Walking dogs, Etsy stores, driving for Uber, flipping stuff on eBay - you name it. etc...

So I did what any good personal finance blogger does: I gave the people what they wanted. I started writing articles about side hustles.

But one thing kept nagging in the back of my mind:

Are these really the best Side Hustles, out there?

Don't get me wrong… extra money is extra money, but what was the best money for your time? What Side Hustles were the easiest to start?

My readers wanted to earn more money in their spare time, so that they could turn pay off debt, save more money, and invest more, and I wanted to give them the best options available.

About that time a funny thing happened.

It was Thanksgiving, and I reconnected with a good friend of mine from high school named Mike Y.

The last I had heard he was a lawyer, but I noticed he now had an online business...

He was a digital marketer running IG/facebook ads for local businesses and working from home while raising his two boys.

I thought it was cool, because when I started M$$M I wasn't making money from the blog yet and had to start a small marketing business to make ends meet, which also included running IG/FB ads.

So we started talking shop fairly regularly.

One day I was talking to him about M$$M, and I mentioned the problem I was having about finding the best Side Hustle for my readers.

I wanted Side Hustles that people could do in their spare time, turn into a full time gig, maybe if they wanted, but most of all - charge a lot of money for.

That's when Mike said something I'll never forget:

"Dude… running IG/ FB ads for businesses is the best side hustle out there, and you do it yourself. Why don't you make a course about that for your readers?"

After we hung up I really started thinking about the idea. Then after a week or so, I decided to see if my readers wanted to learn how to run IG/ FB ads for local businesses as a side hustle.

I posted about it on my IG/ Facebook page… and then the craziness happened:

Hundreds of messages from readers that were like: "YES DO IT BOBBY I WANT TO LEARN."

So I called Mike back and asked him to make the course with me, and the rest is history.

Now we're in year three teaching this side hustle, and I can confidently say this is the most profitable side hustle in the world.

Here's just a few the awesome things we've seen from people who've come through the course:

- One couple replaced their teaching salaries with IG/ FB ad client work, allowing the wife to stay at home with her children (they paid off over $15,000.00 of debt too!)

- A single mom was able to fully replace her income and leave her job to support her children, after going through a divorce. She was even able to relocate to another state to be closer to family.

- Wouldn't it be cool if you could pay for a wedding in cash? One of our students used her new side hustle income to just that. She was also able to cover her honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort.

Over the couple years there have been so many amazing stories of students changing their lives by starting this side hustle. It's been incredible to watch, and we're excited to help more students achieve their financial goals.

That's why we're opening the IG/ FB Side Hustle course on Thursday and offering our biggest SALE ever. That's right, you can save $150 when you join this week!

There's a lot to tell you about it, and I want to make sure that I share all of the details about this course.

It's too much to cover in just one email.

So if you're interested in learning more…keep an eye on your inbox.

I'll be emailing you every day this week telling you all about the course and how you can save $150 this week only.

I've had hundreds of people reach out saying they want in… and I want to make sure that everyone who wanted to join gets a chance to do so.

Make sure you keep reading these emails, and I'll tell you everything you need to know so you can start your own IG/ FB Side Hustle…and so you can give yourself a hefty raise.

Talk soon,


PS - If you scrolled to the bottom without reading, here's the important stuff! The IG/ Facebook Side Hustle Course is going on SALE this week only. We open the doors on Thursday and you'll be able to get $150 off the regular price. This is the biggest discount we have ever offered, so make sure you keep an eye on that inbox.

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Fwd: Questions about my education


There were a couple questions about my education around money that rolled in after my last email, so let me take half a step back and help answer those wider.

The first time I started studying money and how it really works was when I studied under Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi in his Platinum Partnership program back in the late 2000's and into 2010 and currently, as I get updates.

Mar 8, 2020 - Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi make huge amounts of money every time they step on a stage.

Through that time, psst don't tell anybody ...I got access to some super high level people that CONTROL the world, not those that just react to it. Michael Smorch was one of many I learned from through that time (Google if needed), and Tony and Michael talked about 'financial winter' coming and being prepared for tough times.

Since working with Tony, Dean and Michael, I've also done a lot more of my own research on finances and kept a close eye on the things I deem to be important to me, my wife and daughter as we invest and grow our wealth.

When these 2-3 giants (figuratively and literally lol) share information relating to being prepared for winter, they're not talking from a fear based position like the media or most dumb marketers, but from a position of power in terms of being prepared for dire circumstances so you can still win.

I'd like to think everyone receives the information I share here to educate and help in the same way, but we all know you can't please everyone all of the time.

Alas, my mission is to educate and truly help, so I'm gunna keep on keeping on here.

If you want to join my free Facebook Group, Fitness Business CEO's, you can join the conversation over there how other businesses are thinking about this in difficult times. I'm giving away tons of free content to get you through this tough time too.

Join for FREE here

My thanks in advance for you consideration, time and attention.

To Your Abundant Success,

João Antônio dePina-Silva 

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Fwd: your free tracker order


IMPORTANT WARNING: Do not get it if you're not ready to explode your business!


Over 10,000,000 Network Marketers have already claimed their copy of The Ninja Tracker in the last year, alone.

And we want to make sure you don't miss out on getting your FREE copy to explode your business in JUST 90 days.

Check out what these Network Marketing leaders are saying about the powerful strategies inside the tracker...


IMPORTANT WARNING: Do not get it if you're not ready to explode your business!

My thanks in advance for your consideration, time and attention.

To Your Abundant Success,

Profile ImageJoAn and  João   - The iNet Ninjas
The iNet Ninja Networker  

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Fwd/RE: but really – how are you?

Morning, Friends,

If my VM & Voxer messages, IG/facebook group posts, and text messages etc... are any indicator...

You're probably feeling the whole gamut of emotions right now: worry, maybe motivation, or perhaps the "p" word... the 'p' word!? I don't know either...

Since Wednesday, I've been swinging between voracious reading, intense anxiety, daily shopping trips for eggs, Lysol and wine etc. – to today... a sense of calm. And knowing what I must do.

The short answer? Continue to buy and sell offers.

The economy literally needs this right now.

Your business needs that sense of normalcy.

Today, I'll be making a huge lump-sum investment into my business (to the tune of almost 5-figures) for a one-off service.

From the outside, you won't even see it. It's all internal. Transparent...

I've been putting off this decision because I'm #gunshy with these big investments, but today I have clarity: my business needs this. I've Convinced myself!

The Biz - business needs this.

The economy literally needs this. It's a shot in the arm...

a stimulation package...

If you're interested in more on this topic, I've created a few resources for you to check out (in your non-panicky , non-hysteria times. If you're feeling panicky, hysterical, definitely close your phone or computer right now, and go for a walk or do some jumping jacks etc.)

#1: Coronavirus + Business: What can you do?

Catch the replay of my chat with Diane Mayor, a contingency planner for businesses like ours. ⤵️

📲 Click HERE to view on IGTV.

🎥 Click HERE to view on YouTube.

📖 Click HERE to read the transcript.

In this 40-minute discussion, we cover:

▪️ 1:15 - Diane's background in crisis planning

▪️ 2:55 - Histrionics Hysteria & Panic versus preparation

▪️ 5:45 - Does Diane foresee an economic downturn?

One has been discussed at length online as bad as the 30's depression, will Corona exacerbate the pending recession?

▪️ 7:10 - How does this compare to the 2008 market crash?

or other bubble burst up/down the line?

▪️ 8:30 - Irresponsible advice being shared

▪️ 10:00 - What can business owners do TODAY to prepare?

▪️ 14:22 - Should businesses pause their regular content or upcoming promotions? NO! They have to come out the other side winning, right!?

▪️ 16:15 - What if you're in a launch right now, keep on keeping on - It's GR8 time foe home-based businesses... made to order .. it's a life saver...

▪️ 17:55 - The fine line of helping people get started in online blog +  biz

▪️ 19:10 - How to offer things for free

▪️ 23:07 - What does a rainy day or an emergency fund look like?

▪️ 26:50 - What can local brick & mortar businesses do right now?

▪️ 30:00 - Creating a digital, info product or a new stream of revenue

▪️ 32:42 - How do we create work for people in quarantine?

▪️ 33:45 - Do we advertise our products normally?

▪️ 34:40 - How can businesses adapt to "social distancing"?

▪️ 40:55 - Staying connected while isolated

#2: Dive into TikTok – for fun!

I'm a big believer that fun can still be had right now. (I just ordered $50 worth of puzzles last night from Amazon.) And am not home am out there travelin' as usual, I'll be damn if I'm held hostage!

In fact, it's really, really need.

So in today's brand new video over on my YouTube channel, I'm sharing how to create and edit that dang TikTok video, trying something new for biz already! It's that time of the year to be creative!

(If you've checked out the TikTok app, you know that the editing features aren't the most intuitive – for those of us who've grown past their teen years and are seenagers, you know who you are.)

Click HERE to watch me make a TikTok video for business. You might just learn something!

It'll be fun... I promise ;)

#3: My business training shall continue on!

I don't have all the answers.

All I know is that I'll continue to be here and am determined to be a winner as we come out the other side.

✔️ I'll be sharing my free YouTube tutorials...

✔️ I'll be sharing my free how-to blog posts...

✔️ I'll be posting on Instagram when I'm feeling positive...

✅ And I'll be hosting free, hands-on workshops for you to grow your online business.

Yes, believe it or not, times like these are *always* opportunities for growth.

We're seeing businesses offer innovative solutions in these times of "social distancing" and "lockdowns."

  • My gym just released a free, at-home workout for all its members
  • Local businesses are offering online gift cards for when they open up again
  • E-commerce businesses are running flash sales in their Stories
  • Food and other deliveries are being picked-up and made, like never before, order from your favorite restaurant... mine has shorted hours yesterday at  (7:00 PM) 1900 I couldn't order on line and they're usually open 'till 9:30 PM (21:30) some others in neighborhood 10 mins away usually open till 10:30PM (22:30) no more...

We CAN do this! 🌟

We'll get through this. Recall this happened before and we survived it...

A contagious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus.
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - SARS appeared in 2002 in China. It spread worldwide within a few months, though it was quickly contained. SARS is a virus transmitted through droplets that enter the air when someone with the disease coughs, sneezes, or talks. No known transmission has occurred since 2004.

It's rare yearly, less that 1,000 cases

Fever, dry cough, headache, muscle aches, and difficulty breathing are symptoms.

No treatment exists except supportive care.

I'll do my best over the next few weeks to continue to be a source of consistency, and high-quality training for your business.

🗓 Stay tuned for Thursday...

I'll be back with details on an upcoming (free) workshop... on how you can grow your best business asset in 2020.

AND prepare for the coming decade which starts in 2021, per odometer

Hint: I'm not talking 'bout Instagram ;)

See you again Thursday,

~ JoAn &  João

P.S. Stay safe.

Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

P.P.S. 📲 Click HERE to view on IGTV.

🎥 Click HERE to view on YouTube.

📖 Click HERE to read the transcript.

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Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 11:15 AM
Subject: but really – how are you?
To: João <>

Morning João,


~ Elise

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