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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

RE: hi - I'm in the back of a 1970s Volkswagen Kombi Van

It's here, it's here friend!

No, not FY! 2K20 (yet – like hours away)...

But a video project (months in the making!) featuring nine (9) top marketing experts in the online biz world.

I'm talking:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Amanda Bond
  • Lexi D'Angelo
  • Laura Belgray (THE Talking Shrimp)
  • John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs On Fire
  • Jill Stanton
  • Natalie Sisson
  • Rachael Kay Alberts
  • Etc. 

I asked these GR8 digital marketers one simple question:

What's your #1 online marketing prediction for FY! 2020?

They're spilling the details in today's brand new video. 🎥

If you're not familiar with all or some of these names, they've accomplished things like:

  • Daily podcasts, earning the biz $250,000+/month on average
  • $293,000+ earned during a 4-day launch
  • Monthly income reports shared for almost 10 years straight (the last one showing a revenue of $166,000+)
  • Traveling 70 countries while living out of a suitcase for 6+ years
  • Making $6,000+ a day writing Instagram quotes etc... 

This is the part of the eMail/post where I'd normally drop in a snazzy image or gif to entice you to click on over to this video here buuuuuut...

I'm writing this eMail to you from the back of a 1970s Volkswagen Kombi Van in Mexico where I'm living for the next week or so.

(I'd show you a pic, but my current hotspot situation can't stand that kind of heat. For proof, check out my Instagram Stories over @EliseDarma.)

So on the last day of 2019, if you're interested in gleaning wisdom from the toppiest of the top in the online marketing world...the capo de tutti cappi... 


João & Joan✌️🌸

P.S. In today's newest YouTube video, I'm bringing in the big guns to share their #1 marketing prediction for 2020.

  • Pat Flynn
  • Amanda Bond
  • Lexi D'Angelo
  • Laura Belgray (THE Talking Shrimp)
  • John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs On Fire
  • Jill Stanton
  • Natalie Sisson
  • Rachael Kay Albers

➡️ Click HERE to watch and learn from the best! ⬅️

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PP.S. In today's newest YouTube video, I'm bringing in the big guns to share their #1 marketing prediction for 2020.

  • Pat Flynn
  • Amanda Bond
  • Lexi D'Angelo
  • Laura Belgray (THE Talking Shrimp)
  • John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs On Fire
  • Jill Stanton
  • Natalie Sisson
  • Rachael Kay Albers

➡️ Click HERE to watch and learn from the best! ⬅️

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RE: My trading journey the last decade... PLUS a bonus!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!
As this year and decade wind down, it seems like the perfect time to share a few more details about my journey as a R/T-Forex Trader & Day Trader,  over the last decade!
Let me start by saying it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows...
Like many traders on their journey to success, it wasn't a straight line up...
...but there is a silver lining to my experience! And I'll be sure to share that along the way because you may be able to learn from it! This pertains primarily to But can be extrapolated to Day Trading. 
2008: I witnessed the impact of the financial crisis with many losing their jobs and their savings --> the seed was planted that I wanted time and financial freedom from my corporate job...
2009: after exploring many options, stocks,  bonds & commodities, I started a small business and operated it part-time to generate supplemental income...
2010: I took the plunge and went full-time with my business so I could focus on growing,  expanding and scaling up...
2011: I caught the attention of a competitor, and I sold my business to them, which left me with a pile of cash. I was at a crossroads regarding what to do next. Learning to invest my own money had always been of interest to me, and there was no better time to give it a try! So I researched all types of investing: stocks, bonds, options, futures... and that's when I discovered Forex! For many reasons I was most interested in Forex (liquidity, volatility, leverage, open 24 hours/ 5 days per week,  follow the sun). So I committed myself to learning Forex! And the education and trading process began!
2012: I still traded "full-time", although it wasn't due to my results. (Haha!) Looking back now, I was making a lot of "beginner" mistakes and I was over-confident in my abilities... Beginners Luck... i.e. I was trading with too large of an account and not using proper risk management and I didn't have a written-down set of trading rules goals & objectives etc...
2013: I still traded "full-time", although I still only had net-losses to show for it in my trading account... With a strong sense of failure building coupled with a heightened lack of confidence, I was constantly looking for the "next best thing" and I kept "system-jumping". I was all over the place just looking for the "one thing" that would work! I was in that desperate phase...
2014: After several losing years, and losing tens of thousands of dollars, I finally admitted it wasn't working and decided I needed to take a break from trading... I had lost $6,000.00 made $300k out of 200k as an example from my trial account.  I went back to work... and while it felt good to earn a consistent paycheck and grow my "career" again, I still had that "desire to trade" in the pit of my stomach...
So I gambled again... 
2015: I received a promotion at securities work, was nominated for advanced leadership training, and on the surface things were going incredibly well for my career! BUT I was still exchanging time for money and working for someone else's 100 year old dream... I knew I was meant for more. I knew I was smart enough to figure out trading. So I started going through my old Forex trading materials again with fresh eyes and perspective... and most importantly, I had to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the areas I was at fault for losing in the prior years... talk about a humbling lesson! Ouch!
2016: I was still working, but I was actively trading part-time, too! I was gaining traction and experiencing success as I built out my own trading strategies. Ones that were super objectives and fit well with my lifestyle and risk trading personality. Even though I was trading on a small account, I was experiencing results! I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! And it wasn't a train wreck... 
2017: I was still working full-time and trading part-time, but really focusing on testing and refining my trading strategies. Towards the end of the year, one of my trading strategies was clearly out-performing the others (both with back-testing and actual results)! I focused on that one, top-performing trading strategy, and that was the difference maker!
2018: Month after month - positive results! The results were so consistent (with years of back-testing and over a year of actual trading that strategy), that I left my J-O-B,  for that Just One Brake! Back to full-time trading for me! (Which by the way only takes me less than an hour a day!) Success! Time and financial freedom! Drum roll pls? <Insert massive celebration and a lot of happy blood,  sweat & tears!>
2019: Trading continued to exceed my expectations, and again, I knew I was capable of more. I missed working with people. I realized that with my years of experience and learning lessons the hard way with trading, that I could help shorten the learning curve for fellow traders and help them generate consistent profits trading Forex. And so my coaching business "Consistent FX Profits" was born. While I will always be a trader, helping other traders has really tapped into my true passion inclination and purpose.
So that takes us to where I am today: I'm a successful, full-time Forex trader who also helps ambitious and determined men and women generate consistent results trading Forex.
It's pretty incredible looking back... that after all the failures and money lost I did not give up. #nevergiveup #BeTheException
And let me tell you, I'm so glad I didn't give up! 
...why didn't I give up? What kept me going?
My dreams were bigger,  than my fears. 
My "why" was greater than any excuse(s).
I ultimately had to take responsibility for my actions, look in the mirror to understand my errors, and learn from my mistakes. 
Once I did that and focused on ONE, it all fell into place!
My wish for you this year is that your learning curve is not nearly as long as mine!!!!
That's why I'm offering the LOWEST PRICES EVER for my online Forex trading program: CF4XP ONLINE!
This offer expires TONIGHT AT 11 pm CENTRAL TIME!
PLUS, I've got a BONUS for you! You know, a little icing on the cake....
...for everyone who signs up today, you will receive a private, one-on-one video coaching session with me!

My thanks in avance,  for your energy,  trouble,  time,  attention and consideratión.

To Your Abundant Success! 



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Valerie Fox
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RE: Forget about 2020. I’m thinking bigger.

RE: Live,  simply!  Laugh, often!  Love, deeply!  Leave a Legacy! 

Hey!  Have you noticed that everyone's talking about FY! 2K20? Your favorite influencer on social media, your best friend, heck even the guy who rings you up for your daily almond milk latte ("I mean seriously Kevin, I'd like to eat my muffin in peace").

The New Year always conjures up a deep desire to achieve, set goals, objectives and create a New You. (And since we're entering a new decade, that feeling is even more pronounced.( We shed skin every 4 weeks! ) Yikes! The pressure from that can be a lot to take in.

Will you start a business?
Will you hit 6- or 7-figures,  bit shoot for 8 for the first time?
Will you have a kid?
Get married? Divorce! 
Suddenly decide to move to,  Bali? Or Bangkok,  Thailand

Well, what if I told you to forget about 2020. Yep, f'real. F'sure! Chuck your 2020 agenda out the window.

Instead, think bigger.

Believe BIGGER! 




Hell,  why not go all-in!? 

Let me kick you an example…

Let's say Polly's major goal for 2020 is to TRY and create her first online course. She's already picked the topic of her course AND she knows that she wants to earn $10,000/ month minimum from her course by the end of the year. Solid. Trust! 

But once 2020 rolls around and the months tick - tock by, she notices halfway through that she still hasn't worked on that course.

Money rolling in coz she presold it as a 'FUNDED Proposal.'

In fact, as 2020 comes to a close, she rationalizes the fact that she hasn't hit her online course goals & objectives by saying that she "just didn't have the time," or "it was more difficult than she expected." "Well,  at least I tried!?" ( built-in excuse)  Etc... 

(Does this sound like your 2018 - 2019 at all?)

And then 2021 arrives, and the same thing continues. Do you see a pattern? 

Do you see how this creates a lifetime of stagnation? Of not living our highest purpose or potential and creating our biggest impact on this planet?

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Not only that, but when you set goals (things you want to DO) without considering your mindset and behavior (who you need to BE), then you literally set yourself up to fail.

See, I'd wager that the reason Polly put off her online course goal wasn't because she was lazy, born-to-procrastinate, or didn't have the time.

Instead, maybe deep down...

  • She was scared that people would think she wasn't worthy of teaching an online course on that particular topic.
  • She didn't think she was deserving of $10k/month when her friends and family earn far less.
  • She was afraid to invest in a mastermind or coach that would show her HOW to hit her goals because she convinced herself that investing in her business is risky.
  • Didn't have mentor etc... 
  • ...and so on!

The reason we don't hit our goals almost always has WAY more to do with our beliefs about ourselves than it does about our capability to actually hit our goals.

Read that again. It should be massively freeing!

Because here's the deal: it means that you are inherently capable and worthy of accomplishing whatever the hell you want.

BUT it also means that you are the first and last person to get in your own way when you try to make things happen.

So, here's what I recommend:

1. Stop looking at 2020 by itself. Think bigger.

2020 is ONE year of your life, so focusing solely on one single year will give you shortsighted results. Instead, create a vision for the next 5-10 years. What does your life look like at that time? Who's in your life? What have you created? How much revenue is your business earning? What does a typical day in your life look like?

Get specific about your long-term vision. Once you do that, you can work your way backwards. "If I want to accomplish XYZ in 5 years, then what do I need to accomplish in 3 years to ensure that I'm on the right path to achieve XYZ five years from now?" Set intermittent or intermediate  goals & objectives you' ll get there faster from here. 

2. What beliefs do you currently have that could prevent you from attaining that vision?

For example, let's say you wanted to earn a million dollars, yet you grew up with parents who thought that "rich people are evil," or "money is the root of all evil, " so you've adopted a similar subconscious belief (yes, even if "logically" you don't think rich people are evil -- the belief is still ingrained in you  and your subconscious  unless you've taken conscious action to reframe it or  reprogramme it and the script that follows).

That belief means that you might miss or neglect obvious money-making opportunities because becoming wealthy is a 'negative' thing in your family. It also might mean that you'll judge wealthy people that you meet instead of seeing them as potential mentors,  clients.

And it absolutely might mean that while you set the goal of "earning one million or two... dollars," you never actually accomplish it because, deep down, you're afraid of what might happen,  if you actually did. Ouch!! 

Do you see what I mean? Until you're AWARE of the limiting beliefs you hold (often things you learned,  growing up), they'll continue to run your life behind the scenes. Growing up is mandatory bit maturity is optional (LOL)! 

Don't know what beliefs are preventing you from reaching your vision? Pay very close attention to negative feelings that come up that might feel like a "trigger." Typically these are 'mirrors' that allow us to see places we need to heal.

3. Who do you need to BE to create that vision 5-10 years . and. /. or.  10-20 yrs,  from now?

If one of your 10-year goals is to earn a million dollars, then who do you need to be to make that happen? What behaviors and beliefs are important for you to have if you want to reach that level?

This is where you get to reprogramme the beliefs and mindset that are holding you back from your fullest potential and finally be successful.

Go through your 5-10 year vision,  expand and sale up to 10-20. That's how the rich think,  intergenerationally.  What qualities do you get to adopt in order to be the type of person who can visualize,  accomplish,  actualize and create that vision? How do you need to FEEL? How will you show up in your life? How does it feel to be a visionary!?  What will you decide to let go of to get there!??

Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. ...

And this, my friend, is where the magic really happens. Because if you live life year-to-year, you don't allow yourself to be the visionary of your legacy,  you don't leave a legacy. You don't get to see the bigger picture or the massive impact you could create in the world.

And even more importantly, you don't end up actually accomplishing your goals because your beliefs, patterns, and unconscious programming are keeping you small, year after year.

As we enter 2020, try going through each of the three steps listed above. You can journal about them, talk about them with a friend, record a voice memo to yourself -- it doesn't matter!

However you do it, getting real about who you need to BE to accomplish what you want to DO will make all the difference.

I can't WAIT to support you in new ways in 2020 (big things are coming, my friend!). Have a happy,  beautiful & prosperous New Year! <3<3

To who you BE,

We be 1o8, I 8, 1 - 2! &  7, 8,9!

Who's on the naughty list?? 

p.s. Applications for the FY! 2020 masterminds are coming out next week! I only release applications once a year and I accept a very limited number of people into these coaching programs. If you want to join the waitlist so that you're the first to be notified when applications are released, just click here!

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Hey Jon,

To who you BE,


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RE: A $100 investment could mean 10X returns

AT&T, Amazon, and DISH Network just went "all in" on one investment
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Oil and Energy Investor with Dr. Kent Moors
Dear Reader,

Every mainstream news outlet - Forbes, the New York Times, Bloomberg, and more - is "breaking" the same 2020 cryptocurrency forecast.

But they're only telling you half the story.

What you'll see is that everyone is projecting Bitcoin to go up...

Allowing investors who get in right now a chance at a 334% windfall...

But that's just the first sign of something much, much bigger. It's something that these news stories completely missed.

(You can see it right here.)

Institutional money is flooding into the industry...

There's mass-market adoption by industry titans like AT&T, Amazon, and DISH Network...

And now that there is federal government support and regulations...

All signs are pointing toward the entire crypto industry skyrocketing in 2020.

And you can set yourself up for gains in excess of 10X beginning with just a small stake.

Because the gains Bitcoin could see - even if it does hit the projection we have right here - will pale in comparison to smaller, more specialized coins.

These "specific-use coins" operate just like Bitcoin... they're cryptocurrencies... but there's one major difference between the two...

They're much smaller than the crypto giant.

And a small stake into just one of them can mean over a 10X return - as these coins have shown investors in the past.

In fact, crypto investing pioneer Michael Robinson is issuing a special profit report he calls Three Specific-Use Coins Set for 87,400%, 143,000%, and 289,250% Explosions.

If all goes according to plan, you have a chance at multiplying your money up to 289X if you latch on now.

All you need to do is click here to watch him reveal everything in the Bitcoin 2020 Masterclass.


Dr. Joao

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--Dr. Kent

%%M.  Ward

Mike Ward
Publisher, Oil & Energy Investor

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RE: What is MSI and why is it the secret to Instagram?

RE: Want to read the full post later, 

Hey Hey Happy Tuesday!

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and a toasted buttered bagel or bialy (try honey walnut cream cheese @panera)  and let's talk about connecting with people we want to do business with online.

I feel like there's a lot that can be said about this but today, I want to chat specifically about meaningful social interactions (MSI) on all of our business platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest Tumblr etc and even your Website have all of their own versions of meaningful interactions.

But, what is MSI? 👉 it's any active interaction that demonstrates a relationship or connection between two people.

For instance, examples of active interactions on Instagram might be: Comments, shares, saves, stories and messages

This is so important for you to learn because we can get caught up in churning out content that we can forget (even momentarily) why we're here in the first place.

So, it's time to prioritize conversations and meaningful interactions with real people! It's time to stop waiting for traffic and people to come to you and it's time to serve, see and be seen, be heard, but more importantly... it's time to listen. Not listen to reply,  but listen! 

According to Pinterest,  Facebook and Instagram, the above types of active interactions from your audience will increase the likelihood that they'll see your content more frequently for longer periods of time up to 10 mins. Who doesn't want that?

Wow! I think we may have just cracked the algorithm? But, now that we know active interactions (i.e.: likes, messages,  comments, DM's, stories,  PM's, shares,  and saves) are important, we should probably have a stronger urge and mission to create these kinds of relationships with people online. Which probably leads to the one question we all have - HOW?

What can you do to encourage commenting, saving, sharing, and getting into the PM/ DM's etc. with your ideal audience?

- For one, you create content they want to see but more importantly that they feel an urge to respond to. Check out your business account insights and look for patterns around your content. What do people respond to most?

- Second 👏 Don't be shy.. be active about encouraging these responses too! Use your call to actions for asking your audience to leave comments, save posts, take a poll, ask questions,  voice concerns, share with a friend, click a link, or even ask them to DM/PM you etc.

These interactions build upon your relationships and ultimately signals fb/ Instagram's algorithm to show your content to those people more often and frequently.

Is it all making more sense now? 🤯

Getting noticed by your ideal audience on fb/Instagram isn't as simple as setting up an account and posting some amazing photos. But you can increase your followers organically without playing the follow/unfollow game some marketers suggest.

Click here to read seven (7) more ways to grow your fb/ Instagram following (without follow/ unfollow or paid ads etc. )

Want to increase your fb/ Instagram following? Start with these,  Now! :

Interact with people in a meaningful way

Leave comments, ask for comments, questions,  concerns, start conversations, send PM/DM's, serve, listen, and show up to help. No hype just help. Once you do that... the following will come to you.

Make the Most of Your Bio Link

You can only have one link so link to your main landing page. Or if you want to experiment with sharing more content, check out Link.tree which lets you add multiple URLs to a single link.

Vary Your Content Formats

You can share single or multiple images, short videos.  mini movies and Stories etc. Try to mix up what you're sharing because varied content makes you more appealing to new followers.

Post Regularly and Consistently

I aim for daily sharing. If you don't have time for this, consider using a scheduling tool to create a calendar of posts so your account is updated on a more consistent basis.

Try a chatbot for messaging... 

Track Down the Best Hashtags

Hashtags help new followers find you. Use the most relevant hashtags for your photo and mix in a few popular hashtags. That way people who are interested in what you have can locate you.

Today's blog post includes more information for each step AND two additional tips, using your Insights and cross-promotions. Head over there now and finish reading it?

Then you'll be ready to tackle fb/ Instagram like the pro you are and build an engaged audience who are leads and become customers,  in no time.

Have a great day!

~Yours, in Abundant Success, 


P.S. Want VIP access to exclusive content that makes growing your business online easy and fun? Add yourself to the wait list here.

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    Monday, December 30, 2019

    RE: Confirmation

    Costco Members Can Receive a $50 Voucher

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