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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fwd: I gotta be honest


I want to tell you a little bit about why I started as an Instagram marketer back in 2013-15 time frame.

It wasn't just because it allowed me to work from Bali, or Pattyah finally quit my job that I hated, or actually start living that "influencer" dream life.

Deep down, it was because I really wanted to rebel.

Growing up as a Mormon, RC Muslim fam Goody Two-Shoes, straight-A honor,  student, it's laughable to think of myself as a rebel. ( I was anything but. in pub... Priv it was something else - 'schizo, ' lifestyle )

But today, I can clearly see that growing an fb/ instagram following has allowed me to stick my middle finger up at:

  • the cliché corporate ladder
  • my former ( emotionally manipulative ) boss 🖕
  • routine
  • being told what to do
  • living the white-picket-fence-get-married-at-20 predictable life... 
  • MYSELF – who once believed that the only way to be successful was with an PhD/ MBA and surely not through the Internet... 

No, it was never just about followers, for me.

Deeper down, it was because I really wanted to create freedom,  freedom +,  freedom premium, for myself – that I felt starved of most of my life. Kindda mindlessly drove thru life. 

It was about finally saying "FUDGE OFF!" ( Mormons,  Muslims don't swear ) excuse my superego 'father hunger,'  to anyone who wanted to control my beliefs, control my actions, or control my values etc.

My "big why" is that I needed to prove to myself that I could pave my own path – without a guidebook, a roadmap, or a Higher Being or its spokesmen,  telling me otherwise.

My personal vehicle to get there was fb/ instagram, but there are maaaany ways to pave your own path.

I'm not sure what your situation today is. But I want to ask you ONE question:

WHY do you want to grow on Instagram?

Think about it for a second.

Most likely, there are real reasons. Important reasons.

Goals & objectives,  you want to achieve, things you want to do, people you want to spend time with – and Instagram is simply a means to that end.

So I want to know: What are some of YOUR reasons for wanting to start or grow your business on Instagram?

What is your ultimate goal? Is it the prized,  freedom,  freedom +,  and freedom premium,  in my mind the true wealth,  or something else? 

I know there's a bigger reason behind your plans, your dreams, and your ideas etc.

It's not to get Instagram followers just for the sake of it. 🙅‍♀️ .or... It's not to get fb/ instagram friends,  fans & followers just for the heck of it. 🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♀️

> Maybe for you, it's about achieving your goal of giving a TED Talk?

> Maybe it's to boost your revenue, so you can take time off and spend it with your fan,  kids & friends?

> Maybe it's to give yourself a sense of calm, knowing that you're living out your truth and purpose and are thriving vs just surviving?

So, what is it for you?

WHY – really WHY – do you want to grow on Instagram in 2020?

Hit 'reply' and tell me your why...<>

I'd love hearing from you! :)

~João & JoAn

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Fwd: Two(2) Things to Make Money


Do you agree that there is a huge connection between wealth and happiness?

Like,  wealth and freedom... 

No's a serious question that doesn't have a clear answer in most cases.

My friend Jennifer Dunham ( from Time, Money & Happiness Matters ) told me that she learned the hard way that Happiness CAN be bought.

She talks about having a certain level of money to survive...and a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL to THRIVE!

Which would you rather do?

Merely survive…

...or THRIVE?

If you want to thrive, I have a suggestion for you:

Focus on one thing…

Converting leads into cashflow!

When is the last time you did that?

I'm so excited to share that Jen is offering a FREE Masterclass to show you exactly how to do that...and it's happening TONIGHT!

She'll show you how to put to use your ideas and knowledge, without the use of technology, to attract the right clients,  the high paying clients.

Pretty cool, right?

YES! This does sound pretty cool. Sign me up right now! (it's 100% free)

This is perfect for you if…

● You have too many ideas (that's me!)

● You are afraid your ideas aren't good enough (yep, I feel that way sometimes)

● You're existing ideas just aren't bringing in the right clients or none at all ( been there, done that - burnt T-shirt! )

● You're just not sure where to start ( got the t-shirt on this  I lost last ONE,  LOL!  ;- {)<

● You just want more consistent cashflow ( can I get an AMEN?!? AMEEN!  Or Awomen! )

Jen's a certified cash traffic injection specialist and she will help you find your next powerful step to making some mad loot.

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Fwd: 10 Reasons To Join My 20 Dollar Travel Business


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Fwd: How to Find $80k Whale Deals


Everyone wants to land a really big "whale" of a deal.

To date, the biggest I have ever was for $160,000.

The second-largest deal was for $50,000...

and the third largest was for $43,000.

It obviously goes without saying that if you could choose between a $50,000 deal or a $20,000 deal and put in the same amount of effort, you'd choose the $50,000 deal!

But how do you know where those are or are to find those "whale" deals?

Well, remember the corporate ladder?

The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the higher your fee will be, so what I did was I focused on director-level positions and above where the average fee is around $40,000.

You can go to and search for these positions and simply do your outreach to the companies

Once you have done that, simply reach out to the hiring manager at that company (find them on LinkedIn) and offer to help like usual.

If you can land these sorts of jobs, you will be well-rewarded and do the same amount of work as the $20k deals!

Be sure not to miss tomorrow's email because we are going to cover how to outsource 85% of this business.

I'll see you in there.

In Your Corner, 


P.S. If you have any questions about today's email, just hit "reply" to this email and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  I am here to support your success and help you break through the invisible income ceiling holding you back from making your dreams become a reality.

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PPPS. :   For Example: We have open positions that range from 225K - 450K++ and up in the Incident Handling field. Must have IAM Level III and TS.


Thank You,



Anthony D. Frontera | South West Asia Theater Lead

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Fwd: “The game isn’t about making it — the game is about keeping it, ” Its about Freedom it gives...



Michael Jackson, T-Pain, Mike Tyson, Will Smith, and many other big names all have one thing in common...


They were great spenders...


It's estimated that by the time of his death, Michael Jackson was 500 million-dollars in debt. He was able to borrow that much just before... 


Mike Tyson blew almost his entire 400-million dollar fortune and people don't even know what he blew it all on.


And no sooner had Will Smith made his first mil - he had spent his first 2 mil.


It's crazy.


And spending habits like these aren't unique to famous people...


You've probably heard of those doctors or lawyers that are always upgrading their lifestyle to match their income...


They get a better job - so they spend more on their lifestyle.


They get promoted, so they move into a bigger house...


And no matter how much comes in, they just never put any of it away.


It's almost like they make sure there's never anything left over...


5 years pass. Then 10. Then 20. Then 30. Then 40 and you're retired at 1/3 of a salary I couldn't live with to begin with... 


And suddenly, before they know it, they're at 60. And they have nothing to show for all their hard work over the last 40 years. Granted its hard to finance 89 years of living on 40 years of working.. 


And that's what many people don't get.


Most people think it's all about how much you can bring in. How much you fill your wallet. But there's more to it than that...


The Game Isn't About Making It — The Game Is About Keeping It and the Freedom it Provides the Real Wealth! 


Now Friend, I'm going to assume you don't want to reach retirement with nothing in the bank...


But the sad reality is, most people don't think like you do until it's too late... I'm one of them or should I say was one of them...


How many retired people do you know that don't need any financial support from anyone else? They're completely self sufficient?

Probably not too many.

Let's look at it the avg.  IT person makes about $160k

During his lifetime his company and him sock away $120k x 2 = $240K... 

If that money was put in a regular savings account compounded interest over time it would be 'bout $1.6MM. Of which they draw $17k/ yr and the family gets $17k/ yr. 

Now,  if say he's single for a moment he should be able to drawn $40k/ per year a d funds wouldn't be depleted 'till he's 99, beginning at age 62... 


And I'm talking about just the basics here ( like affording a home, food, and travel etc. )... Besides today we retire in stages and dome lost their money in last financial bubFY08.


But what about this...


How many retired people do you know that can fly business class, can go on a cruise (its cheaper than a nursing home)  if they feel like it, and can just do whatever the hell they want - whenever they want?


My guess is way, way fewer. If any.


You see, all the people I know who are living their "dream life" right now, that are in that top 1%, know something the rest don't.


They have mastered a skill most don't even think about.


And that is the skill of Investing.


This is the second part of the formula,  I' be been alluding to...


Instead of blowing it all on a lavish lifestyle - they've learnt to keep a percentage of what they make in certain investment vehicles and they diversify. And year by year they've grown it into a complete treasure trove.


And these people aren't all super 'well off' to start with. That's a myth.


They just start off like any average person with a couple hundred bucks,  some invest spare change $1500/ hr with And they build on it month after month... yeah after year... 


It's how they got to where they are today. And it's how they created the life they have now.


By the way, this is what I did too.


And after you've learnt this this second part of the formula, you'll be able to do the same.


On February 23rd to 24th, I'm holding a private event in Las Vegas where I'm going to show you the second part of the formula from beginning to end.


You're going to learn every step you can start taking today to better equip yourself for your tomorrow.


Click the link below for more details.


---> "Show me what the top 1% actually invest in."


My thanks in advance for your attention,  consideration,  energy,  time and trouble. 


-- Joao,

%%Dan Lok


The Asian Dragon


P.S. This event is only for those serious about learning the secrets to investing...


Because at the event, there's going to be a lot of action taking and implementing. If you want to come and just be an observer - this is probably not the right event for you.


"This is for me."









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"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours -- it is an amazing journey -- and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins." -- B Moawad, author


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