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Thursday, January 2, 2020

RE: Four(4) Ninjas To Follow In 2020 and beyond...

There's no cap on growth in the world of online business.

People earn $100,000+ online pero month, so even if you earn $10k/month, you're still a small fry. You need to expand & scale up... 

Whatever you're earning now, you can double, triple, or 10x it,  by end of decade,  if you want to.

The key is to not settle, keep grinding and keep learning.

Today I just wanted to share with you who I look to for advice.

Who I follow online to get new ideas of how to grow my bloc + business & income.

These are the smartest people in what I would call the "web asset" space.


1. SkipBlast:

Shawna doesn't mess around. She gets straight to the point, and breaks all the rules. I like reading her content because she just writes interesting stuff, and doesn't try to optimize anything. Here's a recent article she wrote about the longevity of crappy Azon websites.

She recommends too much link building for my taste, can't say I blame her though but it's still interesting to read about.


2. FatStacksBlog

I've followed Joao(Jon)  for a long time now, and I really enjoy his tenacity. He does endless amounts of time-consuming experiments with his websites. Some work out. Some don't. He's the crash test dummy of MLMs. The ones that do work out are why he's earning $40k+/mon.  from his extreme niche sites. His eMail list recommends too many products, can't say I blame him though...  but other than that, his content is legit.


3. Backlinko:

Many of you have already probably heard of Brian Dean, but if not, he's another great one to follow. He does very detailed exposés on various search engine topics, and he's the master of "skyscraper content" (creating massive posts on a singular topic to be the authority). His recent SEO course sold for something like $2997, can't say I blame him either, though,  so thanks you bit,  no thank you justcthe same, on that one, but his blog's great.



There's a lot of info on Ryan's site about weird  snf extreme niches, which is the stuff I find most interesting. For example, the potential to earn money ranking for weird computer files. You know, you are cleaning up your hard drive and see something you don't recognize, so you search in Google? He has tons of great ideas like that. I like to subscribe to his email list to have these ideas drip-fed to me,  from time to time being son ISSM/ ISSO type.


If you are still building your first affiliate website, and a beginner member of wpWealthy Affiliate, you can read those blogs, but don't get roped into buying all the stuff they recommend. Stick to your shoestring budget and focus on creating content. It works. Trust me! 


If you have had your site for a few years and still don't have a part to full - time income, check out those guys,  above. Bookmark them. Read a couple things per week and expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing.


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There's no cap on growth in the world of online business... 

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